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Fifth Crisis
Premise and Game Play 
10th-Feb-2009 08:00 pm

Six years after what many feared would be the end of the Planet, all has seemed peaceful. For two years now, life has gone on smoothly, following it's own course of ups and downs without any sort of outside influence. In recent months, however, things seem different, almost out of sorts. You can feel it in the air around you, taste it in the foods you eat. You can feel it in your being. Everything seems as though it's drained, slowly becoming lifeless as though something is sucking the very life force from the Planet.

Maybe something is. Lately there have been news reports about sections of the Planet turning up seemingly dead. Forests and grasslands are beginning to wither, animals are dying for no apparent reason. This is the next crisis to face the Planet, and if it can't be stopped, all life--the entire Planet--will dry up and crumble into space.

It's up to you to find a way to stop it.

+As far as playing this game, characters will post first person entries a minimum of once every two weeks. These entries do not always have to relate to a log that has happened, or the current event. They can be about whatever is relevant to the character at that particular moment.

+fifthcrisisnpc will be used to post events and news that is relevant to guiding the plot along, as well as to reward characters with certain things after battles and quests.

+More information about quests are forthcoming.

+The logs community will be used for posting logs in paragraph form.

+The ooc community is for non-game related talk.

+As far as your posts, you can post in journals in three ways. You may post using action posts, voice posts, or text posts. Voice and text posts would be done from the PHS, text posts from a PHS or computer.

-An action post, or action tags, are simply actions occurring with words that are written in third person present tense. These take the place of doing actual logs where you would use paragraphs tags. Most people label their posts with [action]. Instead, a tag would have the action in brackets, tildes, or asterisks (however you prefer) and might look like this:

[He stood there, staring in disbelief at his PHS. He couldn't believe she'd hung up on him!]

Well... there go my afternoon plans.

As you can see, quotation marks are not necessary.

-A voice post would just be labeled [voice] or 'voice post' and just have first person talking throughout. Feel free to describe the tone of voice, pauses, sighs, etc.

-Finally, a text post is simply a normal journal entry. There's nothing really special that should be added to that.

For the past several years, ShinRa, Inc. has been trying to get back on its feet. Thankfully, not everything was based in Midgar at the time of Meteorfall, and ShinRa had plenty of resources elsewhere to pull the drowning company out of the whirlpool. Although the inhabitants of the planet might like to think that ShinRa, Inc., is no longer around, many of the appliances and machines they use in daily life and at their jobs is now being produced by ShinRa, Inc.'s factories. Though they are no longer in the energy market, ShinRa has found that in this "new world," there are plenty of other markets open to them. They hold a good deal of the market share when it comes to manufacturing weapons and security systems, and also industrial machines such as oil drills and equipment, farming tools and equipment, and the computer systems that regulate and operate their products. ShinRa is currently exploring the computer market, though they do not presently hold a large market share in that field. Other companies have begun emerging from the ashes of Midgar's ruin, but ShinRa still remains at the top of their industries, at least for now.

As far as the various ShinRa employees, the company has been changed into different divisions. The Turks Division is currently charged with protecting the President, as well as escorting deliveries to clients. In other words, they're a security operation plain and simple, though if any of their former duties are required, they would do those as well.

The other departments being formed at the moment include Finance, Marketing, Production, Supply, Weapons Development and Research, Shipping & Receiving, Public Relations (who have their work cut out thanks to ShinRa's unpopularity), and Engineering.
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