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Fifth Crisis
World Map/Locations 
10th-Feb-2009 07:55 pm
For an image of the world map, we recommend using this one at Fantasy Anime.

(North) Corel
This is a small mining community that looks as though it might have improved a little in recent years. The original city was destroyed years ago by Scarlet and SOLDIER. Here, you will find:

  1. a few small stalls selling items and weapons
  2. a small, decrepit inn
  3. the trolley up to the Gold Saucer

Cosmo Canyon
Cosmo Canyon in a peaceful commune of those who wish to study the Planet. It is located northwest of Gongaga and is a community built into the cavern wall. In Cosmyo Canyon there are:

  1. Bugenhagen's Observatory
  2. the Cosmo Candle, a candle that doesn't stop burning
  3. a bar/inn
  4. a weapon's shop
  5. an items shop
  6. the studies of the elders

Costa del Sol
A city located on the coast of the western continent, Costa del Sol is the city for all your sunbathing and relaxation needs! Located in this small beach town are:

  1. a port servicing ships (mostly from Junon)
  2. a lovely beach with excellent waves for surfing
  3. a small hotel with a pool table
  4. a few market stalls whose venders will be willing to sell you items and weapons
  5. a bar
  6. a couple of small shops selling various things
  7. the former Shin-Ra villa
  8. an information center
  9. a helipad

Bone Village
Bone village is an excavation site conveniently located near the southern shores of the Northern Continent. If you're looking for something there, those working the site will be happy to help you find it--for a fee of course. Here you may stay overnight with the workers, and they will sell you some items if you need them.
Edge is located on the edge of the Midgar Ruins. Thus creatively named, the city looks vaguely drab and hopeless--certainly not the shining jewel that Midgar used to be. However, in this city you will find many of the comforts and ammenities of civilations, such as:

  1. many full-service inns and hotels
  2. bars, strip clubs, and night clubs
  3. sex shops
  4. shops with every good imaginable
  5. a store that sells materia, but for outrageously high prices (think 5-7 times more than what you paid in game)
  6. apartments and homes for rent

Gongaga used to be a happier place, but after the reactor exploded, it's remained as an area of grass huts and little hope. It is tucked back in the thick jungle that surrounds both the village and the reactor. There is not much here, however, you will find:

  1. a small cemetary
  2. an items store
  3. a weapons and accessories (though the accessories are costly) shop
  4. a small inn with no air conditioning

Healin' Lodge
Healin' is located near to both Junon and Midgar. It was a recuperation center for those who had geostigma, now it is currently Shin-Ra's base of operations. This place is currently not easy to access. Please see a mod for details if you need them.
Icicle Inn
Icicle Inn is located on the Northern Continent. It's a place where many of the surfers come to practice snowboarding, and with good reason! Icicle Inn boasts some of the most dangerous slopes in the world! Here you'll find:

  1. a ski lodge/inn/bar
  2. a couple of small items shops
  3. skiing and snowboard rentals
  4. slopes for beginners, intermediate, and those of advanced skills for skiing and snowboarding
  5. there is also a small doctor's clinic now for dealing with the many broken bones that vacationers have gotten from the more dangerous slopes

Formerly the second-largest city in all of Gaia and once home to the Sister Ray Junon Canon, Junon is now the largest fully functioning city. This city is made up of many different levels, all facing the sea. In case of an attack or a natural distaster such a tidal wave or hurricane, Junon protects itself with barriers that slide up from the pavement and over the store fronts. These are thick and designed to keep disaster out. Junon is no longer home to the Shin-Ra army, but it still has the old barracks near the airport. Accessible locations in Junon include but are not limited to:

  1. Lower Junon, the quiet fishing village under the city proper. It connects to Upper Junon via an elevator.
  2. the airport
  3. the docks
  4. many shops, including two materia shops and three weapons dealers
  5. a score of bars and clubs
  6. an open-air market
  7. a large and beautiful beach
  8. many inns and hotels

Kalm Town
Kalm Town is located near to Midgar and Edge. It used to be a prosperous mining town until the Mythril Mines closed. Even now though, life in this town isn't horribly complicated, the people are friendly, and it has a variety of ammenities. In Kalm are:

  1. several shops of all kinds
  2. an inn
  3. a couple of bars

Once, Mideel was a thriving, tropic city located to the southeast of the eastern continent. It was destroyed when the Lifestream bubbled up from the ocean, however, leaving a pool of mako in the center of the town which is now slowly drying up. While the locals are still working at rebuilding, it is possible to do a few things here:

  1. see a doctor and be cured of what ails you
  2. purchase limited amounts of materia (2 per buyer), weapons, and items
  3. rest at the doctor's new clinic, or at the newly built inn
  4. take a tour into the jungle surrounding Mideel
  5. go surfing, and enjoy the waves and the nearby beach

Midgar Ruins
There's nothing in the ruins of this city except monsters and lots of danger.
Nibelheim was once a peaceful and not-so-mysterious place until the Shin-Ra began conducting the biological research there that led to the creation of Sephiroth. After the insane SOLDIER burned down the entire village except the mansion, Shin-Ra stepped in with the biggest cover-up of all time. They rebuilt the city exactly as it had been before Sephiroth destroyed it and paid off the villagers to say they'd lived there their whole lives. Nibelheim is located in the base of the mountains at the edges of the grassy plain on the eastern continent. It is susceptible to monster attacks, especially recently since the mountains are so abundant in mako energy. Nibelheim boasts only an inn and a single items shop, as well as the Shin-Ra mansion which the villagers still believe to be haunted. The reactor is currently off-limits.
Rocket Town
Located near the western edge of the western contintent, Rocket Town used to be home to the rocket that failed to launch, the Shin-Ra 26. Now, however, it's full of what seem to be mostly engineers who don't really have much to do. Yes, there are plenty of shops and inns, but for the most part, the people seem to be wanting for a place in the world at large.
Wutai is a city on an island continent west of the western continent. Is located in the far north through a dangerous trek through the wilderness. Wutai has held on to their cultural beliefs, even through the Great War. It is a great place to visit, and a good place to get a dose of foreign culture. Here, you will find the following things to do:

  1. climb the Da-Chao, but be respectful of the sacred mountain!
  2. visit the shrines and temples
  3. drop in at the Turtle's Paradies for a drink
  4. enjoy the beautiful scenery
  5. take in a play or two

Chocobo Farm
Need a chocobo or a place to keep yours for awhile? Come on down to Chocobo Billy's! They'll handle all your chocobo needs!
Forgotten Capital
This used to be the capitol city of the Ancients. Now, however, it is just a city of forgotten ruins and interesting structures. Few ever seem to come here.
Fort Condor
So named for the huge condor that had nested by the mako reactor on top of this fort, Fort Condor is out in the middle of nowhere. It is the closest city on the eastern continent to Mideel. It's a good stopping place for a long trek through the wilds and it has:

  1. a bar
  2. an items/weapons shop
  3. beds for weary travelers
  4. an amazing view of the continent

Nortern Cave Crater
Currently, it is surrounded with a wall of impenitrable, swirling mako as it was after the Weapons were freed. There will be more information about this location when it is avaibale. Currently, it is off-limits.
Other places
As well as the places listed about, your character may go to:

  1. Round Island
  2. Goblin Island
  3. Mythril Mines
  4. The Old Man's House
  5. Weapon's Seller on western continent
  6. Ancient Forest
  7. Chocobo Sage's House
  8. Cactus Island

Locations not named are off-limits. Ask a mod if you have questions about this.
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