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Fifth Crisis
10th-Feb-2009 07:47 pm
+Our character limit is currently two per player. This is because this fandom has a limited number of characters.
+This is a Final Fantasy VII community only. We accept ALL characters from Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, and Dirge of Cerberus.

Characters must be as they would be three years after the end of Dirge of Cerberus. No pre-Nibelheim Cloud, for example, or Crisis Core!Tseng. Also, characters must realistic. For example, Tseng would not have retired to Costa del Sol, Elena would not have left the Turks, Cloud maybe wouldn't have run off to have a gay orgy/love affair with Mukki.

DEAD CHARACTERS Updated on March 15, 2009
Characters that have passed away will wake up with their memories missing. The Lifestream does take them away, and in The Maiden That Travels the Planet (by Benny Matsuyama), it is revealed only people with purpose or regret can keep their forms and memories, but even those are slowly chipped away. Therefore, anybody who has been in the Lifestream for a while will start losing their memories.

Here is how it will work from now on (this will not effect anybody accepted before March 15, 2009). After ten years in the Lifestream, a soul will completely lose all their memories. Therefore, for every year a person is dead, they lose 10% of their memories.

For those of you that suck at math, let me provide an example. A person who has been dead for five years would only have half (50%) of their memories.

They player can pick and choose which memories the character has lost.

When the character is spat out of the Lifestream, they slowly begin to regain their memories back. Every month and a half (about six weeks), your character will regain 5% of their memory back, or 10% every three months.


+Yaoi, shounen-ai, het, yuri, gen are all allowed. Please keep an open mind about it. Just because you don't like a certain genre doesn't mean everybody else has to like what you like. The same goes for pairings. Just because two people are doing say, Rude and Rufus doesn't mean you have to like it or read it. This may be the internet, but open-mindedness and respect are expected here.
+When posting an entry in your characters' journals, please use the "location" portion of the form to state their location in the world. For example, Kalm Town, Edge, Midgar's Ruins, Costa del Sol, etc.
+All locations available on the original game's world map are available, as are Edge and Healin'. It is forbidden to use locations that were bombed off the map pre-game. For a picture of the world map and descriptions of the available locations, click here.
+Players must be familiar with all the events their characters would know.
+If your character dies, they will return to the Lifestream for two days and come to on the opposite side of the Planet. If the opposite is ocean, they will come to on the closest bit of land. For instance, if Rufus shoots Cloud in Mideel, Cloud would probably wake up closer to the Temple of the Ancients.
+In regards to materia use, summons are absolutely unusable at this time. Please see PREMISE for details. All of the materia available during Final Fantasy VII is available except the black and white ones. This is the ONLY materia available--nothing from the other games exists. However, due to the damage being done to the Planet, any time a materia is used, monsters sense the energy and gather around it, attacking the user. It is also against the laws laid down by the WRO to be carrying any more than six materia on your person at a time. Please also note that:

  1. Mastered materia no longer produces new materia.
  2. Materia no longer levels up.
  3. Due to the problems with the Lifestream, new materia is incredibly rare.
  4. While there are NPC sellers in the larger towns (Edge, Junon, Costa del Sol, Wutai), there are none in the small towns.

+It is also important to note that your character is not invincible. S/he won't beat everything, and occasionally they'll get pwnd by monsters. We ask that you don't cry about it. If something counts as god-modding, we'll know. Mods are creepy like that.
+Shota/underage sexual relationships are forbidden. Anybody who disobeys this rule will be banned and the user reported to LiveJournal and to their ISP provider. This includes all characters under the age of 18.
+Therefore, obviously, all of LiveJournal's Term of Service will be enforced here.
+Any and all explicit adult (NC-17) content must be marked as such with an adult content warning for explicit content, kept under a friends lock, and preferably under an LJ Cut as well. Please put "Meteorfall" in your sample tag to show you read the rules. If you don't know how to do those, instructions may be found here, in LiveJournal's FAQ. Repeat offenders will find their journals repeatedly flagged for reporting.
+If you application includes another person's character as part of your background, you must clear it with the other player first.
+Character journals must be used exclusively for this RP.
+God-modding is absolutely, positively forbidden.
+All players must read Roleplay Etiquette 101 and follow it's holy guidance.
+Respect for other players and mods is mandatory. Mods reserve the right to ban you from the game, should problems with respect and rule-following arise.
+Once accepted, character journals MUST be updated at least once every two weeks. Entries do not have to be directly related to what is happening in logs at the time. This is the only way to be considered active during activity checks.
+If you are going on hiatus or dropping a character, you must let us know here to avoid losing your character in an activity check during your absence. If you fail to do this and don't have an actual, decent explanation as to why you couldn't let us know, it is your own fault if you lose your character.
+After an activity check, those who are on our list will have one week to reply with the reason for their absence or they get the boot.
+If your character comes up three times in a four month period on an activity check list, you lose that character. It is the same as if your character is on the list three times in a row. Losing a character this way or by failing to reply to a check will count as a warning against you.
+If you lose a character as a result of an activity check, you must wait two weeks before applying for that or any other character, as you clearly can't handle it at that time. If you lose a character a second time, you will not be allowed a new one for a month. A third time, and you're out.
+You will receive three warnings (in most cases) before you are removed from the game.
+Mods can and will give warnings for any infractions of the rules unless they have been pre-approved through us.
+If you receive four warnings, you're out.
+Once you have joined, please remember to do the Friends add and join the relevant communities.
+It is important to update this regularly so you don't miss anything with new characters.
+Once you've been accepted, follow the instructions in the comment and go have fun!
+In the OOC community, please feel free to post whatever you like, though we'd prefer it was game-related, somehow.
+All NC-17 posts must be f-locked.
+For every log, you must tag it appropriately as to whether the log is open or close, in progress or complete, and with the names of the characters involved. Please ask a mod if you have no idea how to do this.
+All posts must use this header:

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